Let’s Learn How to Swear Like the British

How can curse words this charming be so mean?
By Bailey Johnson
  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • The British, as we all know, are adorable. They have those cute double-decker buses. They have like a million accents, all of them either charming or silly. And they have some of the quaintest swear words we’ve ever heard. To hardened American ears, something like “bloody hell!” doesn’t really raise any eyebrows. But it should! That’s filthy language! Let’s learn how to use it properly, as well as learning the history of common British swears, in “How to Sweat Like a Brit.”

    Dedicated to enlightening the world about all things British, we have Anglophenia to thank for this video. Check them out, as well as host Kate Arnell, for all things British. And if you’re curious what the difference between British, English, etc. actually means, this classic CGP Grey video is for you.