Fight Robots, Dinosaurs and Hitler in 80’s Nostalgia Action Flick “Kung Fury”

Crowdsourced short film is 30 minutes of over-the-top, physics-defying action
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Have you been craving an old school 80’s action movie? Something to remind you of the days of VHS tapes and synthesizers? Something light on plot but heavy on explosions? Something about a Kung Fu cop who has to travel back in time to fight his nemesis, Hitler? Then Kung Fury may be the film for you.

    This crowdsourced project was created by David Sandberg, who also stars as the titular Kung Fury. Sandberg was able to raise over $630,000 of Kickstarter for his crazy vision of a nostalgia-fueled over-the-top action spectacle. His vision of a martial arts cop fighting robots, Nazis and dinosaurs apparently struck a chord with people hungry for physics-defying action. Check out the full movie above. And then watch David Hasselhoff’s music video for Kung Fury‘s theme song, “True Survivor”. And then let us know which one you think is more insane.

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