Girl Eats Six Pounds of Noodles

That is too many pounds of noodles
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Competitive eaters never look like you expect. Take Yuka Konishita. In this video, Yuka eats six pounds of Yakisoba noodles. Yuka looks like she weighs about six pounds. That’s so many noodles! How can she fit so much food into her body? (Maybe she can’t? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.)

    The video is in Japanese, but the beats of the clip are easy to decipher. “Hey guys, check out what I’m going to do! It’s gonna be fun. Okay, here we go!” And then she breaks out the mayonnaise. Ugh, so much mayo. Maybe too much? Probably too much. This is just so much food for one person to consume.