Take Away the Special Effects and “Max Max” Still Looks Awesome

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  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Mad Max: Fury Road is a white-knuckle action blockbuster, and that doesn’t stop when you turn off the special effects. Famously shot with minimal computer graphics, Mad Max director/creator George Miller relied on live-action stunts for his film’s thrills. So when Sploid asks what the movie would look like without special effects, the answer is: still freaking awesome.

    There’s actor Tom Hardy strapped to the front of a car in a sandstorm, just like the movie. There’s dirt bikers using small hills to soar over the war rip, just like the movie. Part of Mad Max‘s commercial and critical success has been linked to Miller’s use of real effects in the film. And that commitment shows in this awesome behind the scenes video.

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