This is What “Grand Theft Auto V” Looks Like in Real Life

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  • In Grand Theft Auto V, players are invited to explore the city of Los Santos, free to jack cars, run over civilians, and generally cause all sorts of mayhem. It’s fun! The open-world sandbox video game, created by Rockstar Games, allows players to indulge their id. But what would the game look like in real life? This video, from Corridor Digital, takes us on a tour of real-world Los Santos.

    It’s obvious a great deal of care went into the making of “Real GTA”. The camera angle behind the car is spot-on. As is the protagonist’s oddly exaggerated video game walk. And, of course, the digital money spurting out of bodies as you smack them around. We can’t say we’d ever want to visit Los Santos, but we’re happy to get this peek of Grand Theft Auto V in real life.

    Want to know how Corridor pulled off the seamless shots in the clip? Check out their behind the scenes video.

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