Spider Bursts Out of Banana, “Alien” Style

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • KFC may be making headlines for possibly serving someone a breaded deep-fried rat, but if you think you’ll be safe eating healthy food, think again.

    This person was about to enjoy a wholesome potassium-filled banana when they noticed something strange going on beneath the skin of the fruAAAAAAAGH OH GOD.

    Yes, apparently spiders lay their eggs in bananas all the damn time, because produce suppliers and sellers would rather use “natural predators” instead of pesticides to control insects. See where this “organic, chemical-free” craze has brought us, people???

    Other places you can find spiders:

    Grapes (freaking Black Widow spiders, in this case)

  • Black widow grapes
  • Lettuce

  • Spider lettuce
  • Kale

  • Spider kale
  • See? Even low-fat vitamin-rich foods can be a traumatic experience. No-one is safe.

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