Shooting Gummi Bears at a Girl’s Butt: Is This The End?

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    I think it’s time we have a talk, Internet.

    I was fine with it for awhile. I realized you were diverse and needed to get your kicks somewhere. So I was cool with you using ridiculous cleavage-filled thumbnails as clickbait. (Heck, we’ve even been known to do a little of that ourselves!) I was cool with you combining breasts and classical music for a form of entertainment that wouldn’t make sense in any other format. I got it. Makes sense.

    But this, Internet? I think you may have gone too far. There’s simply no way you can even pretend this is about anything else than shooting gummi bears at a girl’s butt. I could pretend that Kate Upton in space was about science…somehow. I could pretend that the Mozart Boob Model was like….artistic. But this? I’m sorry. I just can’t. It’s 5,000 frames per second of sugar and ass.

    So, that’s it. This is the point of no return re: artistic progress. Your digital series will now never get respect.

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