Google Celebrates Equality with “Gay Marriage” Easter Egg

Type "gay marriage" into Google for a special rainbow surprise
By Bailey Johnson
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  • Same-sex marriage is legal across the United States, thanks to today’s ruling from the Supreme Court. It’s a thrilling — and hard fought — victory for LGBT advocates and anyone who believes in equality. Even Google is excited about the news. Try searching for “gay marriage”, “same-sex marriage” or “Supreme Court gay marriage”, and you’ll get a special rainbow surprise.

    Google as a company has long been a proponent of LGBT equality. Google the search engine is chock full of neat Easter eggs. So it’s no surprise that they would have something special in mind for a day like today. If you search any of the terms mentioned above, you’ll see a rainbow-colored banner of people holding hands. The Easter egg was live shortly after the Supreme Court ruled, by a vote of 5-4, that same-sex marriage was a right for all Americans.

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