Cartoon Crocodile Bites Kids’ Heads Off in Australian PSA

Please everyone, don't mess around with dancing crocodiles.
By Christine Linnell
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  • If you need further proof that Australia is terrifying and you should never go there, check out this peppy crocodile safety video released by the Northern Territory government in which a happy dancing crocodile eats children.

    Australians aren’t shy about horrifying people into being careful – look up their graphic drunk driving ads if you want to have your day ruined – so even this kid-friendly video is kinda unsettling. “You got to be croc wise if you’re hanging near the water! Keep a sharp eye on your son and your daughter!” the rap lyrics say — but that doesn’t stop this cartoon family from dancing with the crocodile, even though he keeps snatching their children and biting their heads off.

    It is a serious problem – 2014 was a record year for fatal crocodile attacks in the Northern Territory. Hopefully this video will help. At the very least, people will stop throwing crocodile dance parties.