Little Girl Shuts Down Homophobic Preacher

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  • Here is your restored faith in humanity for the day – a little girl in pigtails quietly shutting down a homophobic street preacher.

    Seven-year-old Zea, a first grader from Columbus, Ohio, was with her father at a festival the day after the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling when she noticed a fire-and-brimstone preacher yelling at the crowd.

    “You can live a life full of His redeeming power,” the preacher shouted at her, while a sign with HELL in large red letters was brandished over his head. “You’d have someone to look after you.”

    But Zea refused to engage with his rhetoric, simply held out a rainbow-colored flag and stood her ground. The crowd rallied around her and gave her high-fives, and some of them were brought to tears. It’s the kind of image that could end up in a history book.

    “She’s just decent to people because they are people,” her father Ryan Bowling said. “She treats others fairly, because she wants to be treated fairly. That shouldn’t go viral, it should just be who we are to each other.”

    The video was posted on Monday and already has more than 3 million views.

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