“Minions” Advertising is Eating the Internet

There's no escape.
By Christine Linnell
  • Minions
  • This is getting out of control.

    Listen, I’m sure that the “Minions” movie will be a much-needed distraction for some frazzled parents’ screaming kids this summer, and who doesn’t love some healthy competition with Disney? Yay capitalism! I’m just saying, Universal’s $600 million advertising campaign for the film is destroying the very fabric of our society and we’re all doomed.

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  • Those weird gibbering yellow creatures from the “Dispicable Me” movies are freaking everywhere, including these giant Minions looming over a movie theater several blocks away from the What’s Trending office. How are children not terrified of these things?

  • Minions cinerama
  • Then there’s the inescapable merchandise, from iPhone cases to Twinkies to stickers on Chiquita bananas, because Minions are sexually attracted to bananas or something? I haven’t seen the movies, I don’t know.

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  • Parents are currently freaking out because this Minions Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s kind of sounds like it’s saying “What the fuck.” (What the fuck INDEED.)

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  • If you have older relatives on Facebook, you’ve probably been swamped by memes like this one because they’re soooooo funny oh my gosh have you seen this one hahaha!

  • Minions facebook meme
  • Also, if you do this to your pets, I promise they despise you.

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  • Halloween is going to be a nightmare this year.

  • Sexy minion

  • Minion tampon
  • Yes, celebrate this beloved children’s movie by shoving a Minion up your cooter.

    I guess this is reality now, sorry guys.