Are You A Fan Of K-Pop? So Is Emma Stone

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    K-pop fans rejoice! Emma Stone understands your fandom! When the actress was on Conan, see expressed her obsession of Korean pop music – namely the bands 2NE1 and Girls Generation. I’m sure that any K-pop fan got linked to this video by their friends who aren’t K-pop fans a multitude of times.

    Look, friends-who-don’t-get-it, I UNDERSTAND YOU. If I could visit home without hearing a single BTS song, I can die happy. But, I also understand the fascination. These artists are trained for YEARS specifically to become pop sensations, or “idols.” It’s no wonder their fans hold the in such high regards!

  • Speaking of fans, you think One Direction fans are crazy? WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. No, seriously, let me tell you some of the crazy stuff my sister (an avid K-pop fan and expert. In fact, she’s in Texas right now…just for a K-pop concert) has told me about fans doing to their K-pop idols. I honestly still can’t believe some of these are real.

    1) A female fan wrote her favorite boy band member a letter. Normal, right? Sweet, even. WRONG. The letter was written in the fan’s menstrual blood, and her choice decoration for the letter was glitter and pubic hair.

    2) These pop stars are trained to keep the show going under any circumstance. When a member of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) gets pulled off stage by a fanboy, the rest of the group keeps singing and dancing!

    3) Just watch this video of the most extreme fan of all time meeting her idol for the first time.

    Safe to say K-pop fans are a pretty dedicated bunch. But it’s not all bad and creepy! Anyone who’s been to a K-pop show (I promise I was just chaperoning) knows the enthusiasm of K-pop fans are unlike any other. I mean, they come up with their own synchronized chants – and they ALL know them. Do you guys have a secret club where you teach each other these things?!

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