Lil Dicky on Why Drake is the Best Rapper Alive

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    As part of our #AskArtist Series, Lil Dicky came by YouTube Space LA to play an intimate show for some of their biggest fans!

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    After a sick live set, Dicky sat down with What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar for a Q&A. Fans were also able to ask questions of the funny rapper. Dicky also opened up about his own fan boy nature, talking about how much he respected Drake. “I think he’s just far and away the best,” Dicky said. When asked if his growing fame means he gets to run into Drake now, Dicky insisted, “We’ve been over this but I will never bump into Drake.”

    But time will tell.

    Dicky also talked about the making of his “Lemme Freak” video and the great pride he took in making it. He calls the video “perfect”. “There’s not a regret, and that’s a very satisfying feeling.” Dicky said.

    Feeling as confident as ever. Check out more Lil Dicky from out #Ask Artist series.

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