“Super Mario Bros” Honest Trailer Reminds Us of the First (and Still Worst) Video Game Movie

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  • The 1993 Super Mario Bros movie is legendarily bad. It has basically nothing to do with the actual games, makes a bunch of unfortunate 90’s style decisions, and basically set the standard for terrible video game adaptations. Or as the narrator in this excellent Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies says, “Before people caught on that video game movies were a terrible idea, experience the film that proved video game movies… are a terrible idea.”

    It had the cast! Bob Hoskins makes perfect sense as Mario. Except he uses a weird faux-Jersey accent the whole time, and basically reprises his much better role from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Also there’s a huge emphasis on this really gross snot-colored fungus. Like, fungus is super important to the Super Mario Bros movie. We have no idea why. Of course, we haven’t seen the movies in years. But after watching this Honest Trailer we… are actually okay with that.

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