Furious Pete Informs Viewers Of Cancer Return

Our hearts are with Pete, and he has our full support throughout his journey.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Competitive eater, fitness fanatic, and YouTuber Furious Pete had to make an emotional announcement to his viewers yesterday upon finding out that he’s once again facing cancer. Pete also announced that he’s going to document his journey through his second round with cancer – in order to educate his audience, which will hopefully encourage people to be more proactive about their health. Pete is doing this because he learned that his previous videos about having testicular cancer helped a lot of his audience become more aware of checking up on their health more regularly.

  • Without question, not only are our thoughts with Pete at this time – we’re just so thankful for Pete’s choice to document his process, and his emphasis on being proactive about our health. We commend Pete for using his situation to help people potentially prevent people from going through a process like this, or even catching things early on.

    Pete, you have our full support. Thanks for not only keeping people educated, but all the joy your videos have brought people throughout your time on the internet so far. We’re excited to see you keep bring that joy to so many.