PLL fans are pretty divided about this dramatic plot twist.
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    “Pretty Little Liars” spoiler warning! If you don’t know about the big reveal from last night, click away now.

    In the midseason finale, PLL fans finally found out the identity of A, the mysterious figure who’s been texting other characters and blackmailing them. Turns out it was Cece Drake all along … and she’s transgender.

    In today’s episode of #WTFem, Whitney Moore sums up why this episode was so controversial.

    “With people like Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner and Chaz Bono coming into the spotlight and becoming public figures, it feels like we’re finally starting to learn at least a little bit about transgender issues,” Whitney says. “Having a trans woman on PLL seems like a good idea in theory, but a lot of the fans seemed kind of confused about it.”