A British writer and mother has sparked an online argument over "child-free flights."
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    Most of us have experienced that feeling of dread when you’re on a plane for a long flight and an exhausted baby starts throwing a tantrum – but is that enough justification to banish parents of young children from the plane? Hayley Hoover explores the issue in today’s episode of #WTFem.

    Kelly Rose Bradford, a writer and mother from London, went on the UK talk show This Morning to propose “child-free flights” for the comfort of passengers who don’t have babies to worry about. She also implied that it was selfish of parents to continue traveling by air after they had children – so apparently once you have kids, you should either stay at home or drive everywhere until they’re old enough to keep quiet.

    She’s getting a pretty strong response from people on Twitter under the #ChildFreeFlights tag, with some people arguing that this solution only makes sense, and others calling this discrimination against parents, because child-friendly flights could be harder to book and more expensive.