Bad Lip Reading of the Republican Presidential Debate

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    If you missed the first Republican presidential debate, don’t worry – Bad Lip Reading did its usual excellent coverage of the event, and it’s way more entertaining than what the politicians actually said.

    Asked how his summer went, Governor Mike Huckabee replied, “It was dope, like your pretty gelled head.”

    On the subject of his favorite childhood snack, New Jersey governor Chris Christie remarked, “I just wanted regular potatoes, but guess what, so did other people! I wanted it the most, so…” before Kentucky representative Rand Paul interrupted with, “You just froze a baby!”

    Donald Trump made this important point: “Well, I have a pigeon, Lucas Don Velour. I always take it shopping because I want to and because it’s got health.”

    Don’t miss Governor Jeb Bush’s response to Megyn Kelly asking him how he would get a dead mouse on a crescent roll with some steak, and the candidates’ closing statements in the form of a short song.

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