“Slow Down!” – A Day on the Lake ft Clyde Carson & Mama Gin

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    A family’s day out on the lake becomes the saga of grouchy Mama Gin and her long-suffering husband who secretly gives no fucks, in this hilarious video set to Clyde Carson’s song “Slow Down.”

    A Reddit user edited together footage of his family tubing out on a lake, and the dad, being a typical dude with a boat, does his best to knock his kids off the tube by going fast and taking sharp turns. But Mama Gin is worried about accidents and keeps harping on her husband to slow down.

    “Do you know how many people are paraplegic from the trampoline?” she scolds after several of her children go flying into the water. “Do not do that again.”

    Judging from the guy’s Jim Halpert-esque stare into the camera, he’s totally going to do that again.

    Apparently Mama Gin “was not happy” about the video, which doesn’t put her in the most flattering light. She’s a mom, after all – worrying is her job.

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