Buzzfeed’s “Hot Teachers” Article is Super Creepy – #WTFem

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    So Buzzfeed’s top article today is about teenage girls crushing on their adult teachers, and we’re feeling really iffy about it – because it sexualizes pictures of those teachers without their permission, and it kinda hints at sexual relationships between adults and people too young to give consent.

    Plus the Buzzfeed writers who came up with wink-nudge captions like “Works HARD for extra credit!” were two dudes pretending to think like teenage girls, and that’s just weird.

    “22 Really Hot Teachers That Will Have You Begging For Detention” is basically a bunch of candid photos of attractive male teachers, most of which came from Tumblr, plus captions about “seeing you after class” – so they can, what, have sex? Make out? With underage students?

    Also, if this were an article about creep shots of female teachers, it would be obviously sexist and gross – so why is it cool to do this to male teachers without their permission?

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