Did Christian Slater’s Father Threaten LA Weekly’s Amy Nicholson?

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  • On July 22, 2015, LA Weekly published film critic Amy Nicholson’s scathing review of Pixels, Adam Sandler’s universally-panned toddler-fest. She was hardly the only one. The film sits at 16% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    It was Nicholson’s review however, that drew the ire of Los Angeles resident Michael De Gainsborough. Nicholson tweeted the following letter that De Gainsborough mailed to her.

  • It took me a little time, but here’s what the letter says:

    You Democrat Bitch If you weren’t a Traitor like all Democrats, you’d have said “A moron became president 8 years ago”: Your Black Saint removed the troops from Iraq & made room for ISIS. And now he’s the Neville Chamberlain of today negotiating with Hitler/The Iranian Ayatollah. You Democrats Are IDIOTS!

    De Gainsborough’s issue appears to not be with Nicholson’s criticisms of Pixels, but with her side-jab at George W. Bush.

    From Nicholson’s review:

    But Columbus includes a familiar classroom scene of President Cooper bumbling through a children’s book to remind us that morons can succeed — just 15 years ago, real-life voters made it happen. (And, God forbid, might again.)

    Yes, she took time out of her review to call the second former President Bush a moron. It’s a practice so common you’d hardly think it worth the price of a stamp.

    Here’s where it gets really interesting.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

    It’s true. Christian Slater’s dad is named Michael De Gainsborough. In fact, if you search Google for that name, the Wikipedia page of Michael Hawkins (Gainsborough’s stage name) is the first thing to come up.

    But, is it the same man? Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that. Here’s Gainsborough filming what appears to be an appeal to individuals to crowdfund his book, Blood Bound, which may actually contain the subtitle, The Great American Novel.

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    If this was in a court of law, I’m not sure it would pass the burden of proof. In the court of I Love This Shit!!! the answer is yes, Christian Slater’s father is a nutbag who threatens film critics.

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