Train-Surfing Kid is Impressively Stupid

Yeah he breaks the law and risks his own neck, but he does it with STYLE.
By Christine Linnell
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    Why just ride the train like a normal person when you can parkour through the station, jump a fence, drop onto the roof and surf the train like you’re in an action movie? (Answer: because you might die or get arrested, probably.)

    This Ukrainian YouTuber filmed a GoPro video of his stunt on the metro, and it seems so exhilarating with its catchy techno soundtrack that you’ll almost forget that this is REALLY STUPID AND YOU SHOULD NEVER TRY THIS.

    Let’s run through the reasons transport officials must hate this kid: 1) he jumped over the ticket stile instead of paying, 2) he likes to hurtle down the bannisters of escalators at the risk of knocking people over, 3) he climbed a fence and paused to mock the barbed wire at the top, 4) he probably ruined that security guard’s day and 5) he gave himself multiple opportunities to fall off a moving train, get crushed beneath the wheels or between the cars, or get electrocuted by live cables.

    A glance through his channel shows that he seems to spend a lot of time trespassing, hanging off tall buildings by his fingertips and other very not-recommended things. Small miracle he’s not in jail at this point.