Taylor Swift & Avril Lavigne Join Forces To Make Your Middle School Dreams Come True

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  • When Taylor Swift’s “1989 World Tour” tickets went on sale, I argued with my San Diego based friends for a long time – saying that we should get tickets for one of Taylor’s tour dates at the Staples Center in LA. Bioy was I wrong, the San Diego stop of the “1989 World Tour” gave me something I never knew I needed. We already had a surprise guest performer in the form of OMI, which was my guess anyways – because homeboy has been #1 on the American Top 40 for almost 4 weeks, how has she NOT had him perform yet?

    About 30 minutes before the show was over, Taylor did the whole “you’re the best crowd yet!” bit and said we deserved another guest performance. When she was describing who it was, she went on and on about how this young singer-songwriter never expected their career to take off like it did, and how they started in their teens – and I honestly thought she was going to be like, “SIKE. TALKIN’ ‘BOUT MYSELF.” But, right when she said. “Here to perform ‘Complicated'” – before she even got to saying Avril Lavigne’s name, everyone over 18’s faces were already melting off their body. You’ve never seen more confused tweens and children, and more excited full grown adults in your life.

  • Of course, this all came after various outlets tried to start an “Avril VS Taylor” Twitter feud, after someone compared photos from the two artists’ meet and greets with their fans. No feud was had on Twitter, but Avril did respond asking not to compare artists to each other, saying that they all love their fans. I assume this incident is what got Taylor to contact Avril in the first place, and my 9 year old self could not have been happier.

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