The Most Cringe-Worthy Anti Smoking Ad Of All Time

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    Looks like Truth Orange should have just made a follow up to their “Left Swipe Dat” campaign from this year’s GRAMMY Awards, because I have no idea what I just watched. As someone who grew up completely comfortable not doing things I wasn’t supposed to be doing, I’ve never been more curious about smoking, then after seeing this commercial. It’s SO PAINFUL TO WATCH. This makes me sad. Sad for dank memes everywhere.

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    More of this, less of whatever that “It’s A Trap” stuff was. ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE NOT EVEN GOING TO HAVE THE DECENCY TO USE ADMIRAL ACKBAR, YOU MONSTERS.

    Check out the internet’s reaction to this weird-ass PSA, as well as that “White Squad” spoof (it was a spoof, right?) about racial privilege:

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