Couple Tells “Drunk History” Version of Their Love

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins went all-out for their engagement video.
By Christine Linnell
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    Ever since that “Back to the Future” engagement picture, it’s like couples in LA have to one-up each other every time they pop the question. Now I guess getting engaged has to involve actors, full production crews and a director now.

    LA couple Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins decided to create their own version of Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” to tell the story of how they met and fell in love. They got wasted, talked about different moments from their relationship and then hired actors James Kirkland and Alexi Wasser and director Adam Franklin to re-enact the drunk version of their story.

    They showed the video at their rehearsal dinner this weekend before getting married on September 6. Justin told Buzzfeed that even his grandma loved it. And who wouldn’t? Look at these cuties (click for sound!):