Nicole Arbour Fumbles Her Way Through “The View” Appearance

Comedians like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were less than convinced by Arbour's argument.
By Christine Linnell
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    Yes, the Nicole Arbour thing is still happening. Yes, we’re tired of talking about it too. But now she’s making the rounds on mainstream news – we hear she went on CNN today – and we have to pay attention, so here we are.

    Self-proclaimed comedian Nicole Arbour went on The View yesterday to defend her controversial viral video “Dear Fat People.” If you need a refresher, this is the video where she claimed fat shaming “is not a thing” and fat people just need to stop being so lazy and disgusting. Despite her insistence that it was satire meant to inspire people to lose weight, there has been intense backlash from the YouTube community and a few celebrities, and she may have even lost a movie gig because of it.

    Her performance on The View was basically a rambling rehash of the stuff she’s been saying for weeks – it was satire, it’s totally not bullying because she makes fun of herself for being blonde all the time, this wouldn’t even be happening if she was a guy – while experienced comedians like Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Raven-Symoné gritted their teeth and tried to explain why it’s different when full-figured people make fat jokes about themselves.

    The most interesting part for me was this exchange, when host Michelle Collins said she would love to see Arbour volunteer for an organization that encourages kids to exercise and “put [her] money where her mouth is” (click for sound):

  • Arbour responded, “I would totally do it! That would be amazing! I actually have an organization called #GOTEAM, which cheers people to and through everything,” before awkwardly dragging the conversation back to “satire” and why she’s the real victim.

    I would love for Arbour to show us this organization’s mission statement, strategy and official website, because the last time I checked #GOTEAM was just a hashtag she was using to cheer on her fans as they argued with her thousands upon thousands of angry critics.

    Tune in next time, when she will probably be appearing on stage next to a minor Republican presidential candidate or some shit.