Pizza Rat is Invading Your Facebooks

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  • I worry about you sometimes, Facebook.

    So there’s this pretty entertaining video of a rat in the NYC subway, making its way down the stairs with a slice of pizza, which is funny because we can all relate to staggering home after a night out, eating junk food. Or, as the YouTube description says, “Master Splinter bringing food home to feed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

    Here’s what I’d like to point out, though – the YouTube video only has a few hundred views right now, but this is how it’s doing on Facebook:

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    That’s 9.2 QUINTILLION people talking about this, which is a billion or so times as many people there are on Planet Earth.

    What’s going on, guys.

    Buzzfeed, naturally, are losing their shit over this. We may have another “Llama Drama / Blue and Black Dress” situation on our hands.

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    Our own Shira Lazar had a few things to say and/or sing about this new trend:

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