Peter Greste Finds Out About #FreeAJStaff Pardons On Camera

It's safe to say the Al-Jazeera journalist won this episode of "Chaser's Media Circus."
By Christine Linnell
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    The amazing moment when Australian journalist Peter Greste found out his Al-Jazeera colleagues had been pardoned in Egypt was caught on camera.

    Greste had just finished filming an episode “The Chaser’s Media Circus” and was chatting with the other guests on stage when host Craig Reucassel was pulled away, and then hurried back to hand Greste a phone. Greste was shocked and overjoyed when he saw what the news was.

    “James just got a top score in Angry Birds!” someone joked, but then the host explained that Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy had received a pardon from President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. It was later confirmed that Greste’s other colleague Baher Mohamed was also released, along with about 100 other prisoners.

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    “We’ve been fighting for the past eight months for this,” he said, before being overcome with emotion and raising his arms in triumph.

    Greste spent more than a year in prison with Fahmy and Mohamed on charges of aiding a terrorist group and reporting false news that damaged Egypt’s international reputation. He was deported to Australia in February.