Marcus Johns: What’s Trending Podcast Ep. 10

The Vine star gives What's Trending the exclusive on his new film project about train-hopping through America.
By Christine Linnell

  • Marcus Johns was all about taking new journeys and really connecting with his fans as he joined Shira Lazar and Jonathan Harris on the What’s Trending Podcast this week.

    The Vine star, brother to Cody Johns, talked about how he hit a million followers in his first three months, but emphasized that it was important to focus on content rather than numbers. “I think individual creativity is the most important thing for creators. You don’t want to be just regurgitating a trend or a clip.”

    He also dished a bit about what it’s like living in the 1600 Vine apartment building with other top Vine stars, reacted to recent trends like #PizzaRat and rainbow-colored Doritos, and talked about his favorite fan interactions.

    “I feel like a lot of fans – and I don’t even like calling them fans – they’re like ‘Oh my god, he probably doesn’t have time to talk to me, he probably doesn’t care about me.’ I wish with every fan interaction I could talk with them and know who they are and why they watch my Vines.”

    His latest big adventure, which he shared for the first time on our podcast, was a new documentary that he made with his friends about riding freight trains and living the life of a hobo for a month.

    “There’s been this budding renaissance of train hoppers, and it sounds crazy, but I really wanted to do this. I was like, ‘I want to do this, I want to view the country I’ve lived in my whole life and see things that you’ll never ever get to see unless you’re on a freight train.’”

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