Burglar Gets Trapped in Store and Freaks Out

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    This is both satisfyingly funny and a possible start to a horror film. A man kept breaking into a store and stealing things, so finally the store owner set a trap that locked the burglar in a claustrophobic hallway for an hour.

    Security camera footage shows the burglar breaks in through the ceiling of a store at four in the morning. He runs out into a corridor, letting a door close behind him – not realizing there was no way to open the steel-plated door from the other side. A moment later he realized all the other doors were locked too, trapping him inside the corridor. He didn’t take it well.

    After trying to kick down the heavy doors and MacGyver his way out with a comically tiny hammer, he finally managed to break down the door to a small room – which also had no exit and nothing to help him escape. He’s reduced to drinking water from a dingy faucet until the police arrive to let him out and arrest him.

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