Internet Stars Join #BreakingBatten Challenge to Cure Batten Disease

Top influencers like Bart Baker and Nash Grier are using their fanbases to support a good cause.
By Christine Linnell
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    Some of the internet’s biggest stars are joining “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston and ChallengedApp to help find a cure for Batten Disease, and we’ve got the story in an exclusive video with 26MGMT.

    A group of online influencers including Bart Baker, Nash and Hayes Grier, Jake Foushee, Wesley Stromberg and Alec Bailey recently went to Puerto Rico with ChallengedApp co-founder Jason Neubauer to help support the #BreakingBatten challenge.

    Neubauer explains, “The #BreakingBatten challenge exists because [film producer] Gordon Gray’s two daughters were diagnosed with a very rare brain condition called Batten Disease. Right now there is no cure for this disease. The intention of this challenge is that overall we want to raise $10 million to actually find a cure for this disease.”

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  • To join the challenge, all you have to do is break something – whether it’s breaking a pencil, breakdancing, or breaking a record – and nominate your friends to do the same, much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The goal is to raise awareness and donations at the same time.

    #BreakingBatten has been getting attention from online stars and mainstream celebrities. Bryan Cranston accepted Nash Grier’s #BreakingBatten challenge on the set of “All the Way,” his new HBO biopic about President Lyndon B. Johnson, by “breaking the sound barrier” with loud cheers for Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray. For Bart Baker’s challenge, the YouTube parody king had Neubauer throw an egg from a second floor balcony onto his head while Baker was on a Glidr. “Whatever, it’s for a good cause,” says Baker. “I just washed my hair out and now it’s shinier than ever.”

    To join this great campaign, download ChallengedApp on iTunes and Android, post your challenge to the #BreakingBatten tag and donate at