That Time Wolf Blitzer Totally Failed at Celebrity Jeopardy

It never gets old.
By Christine Linnell
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    There’s something so satisfying about watching CNN’s Wolf Blitzer failing miserably at Celebrity Jeopardy.

    Blitzer appeared on the show in 2009, but a new supercut of his wrong answers has appeared on YouTube and is trending on Reddit. It all starts badly when Blitzer mistakes Mostaccioli pasta for Fettuccine, and goes downhill from there – and host Alex Trebek seems to take particular pleasure in telling him “no” every time. At one point Blitzer even seems to get a question right, then loses all credit because he said “Julia Childs” instead of “Julia Child.”

    He ends up at negative $4,600, and Trebek has to generously wipe his score and give him $1,000 so he can continue playing.