Tom Hiddleston Melts Hearts Performing As Hank Williams

If you hadn't already fallen in love with Hiddleston, you're about to!
By Sara Parra
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  • This little gem was brought to us by fellow Hiddleston lovers who could not get over how much the UK actor nailed his role as Hank Williams.

    The actor performed several songs from the late great vocalist at the premiere party for the film much to the delight of attendees, fellow cast, and crew. It was so enjoyable that co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, Maddie Hasson, and director Marc Abraham decided dance along to the tunes!

    The film “I Saw the Light” was sadly pushed back to a 2016 release date, but if you’re aching to see Hiddleston on the big screen right now, you can catch him in Guillermo Del Toro’s latest gothic romance film “Crimson Peak.”