The Internet Celebrates BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY!

Here's everything you need to see regarding this momentous pop culture occasion!
By Sara Parra
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  • Today is the day that Doc and Marty travel to in the future! Time for companies to try and capitalize on this brand opportunity while ruining your childhood in the process!

    Pepsi released “Pepsi Perfect” which is pretty much Pepsi in a different bottle which says a lot about Pepsi’s ego, but we digress. The cast reunited on The Today Show, and USA Today altered their logo to match the “2015” version. You can also read the front page of the paper in full in case you can’t get enough of what the filmmakers thought the future would be like.

    All in all today is going to be all about the future that never happened, and some of the future that did. Several of the things predicted in the film did actually come to fruition. 3-D movies, fingerprint technology, even the self-tying sneakers were brought to life since the movie came out. Who knows what else the future might hold!