Secret Life of Dogs

Find out what your dog is REALLY telling you...
By Ashley McGetrick
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  • Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Or what they really mean when they bark? Well, BBC was wondering too and created the documentary “Secret Life of Dogs”. A few snippets from the film have been teased on YouTube and you might be surprised at what you hear! Like who knew that dogs are right pawed or left pawed?! And right-pawed dogs are more likely to become guide dogs. Even more impressive, a dog’s nose can sniff out more than just the treats you hid in the cabinet. Dogs noses can sense cancer in their owners before it is even detectable. The video shares 5 interesting facts about man’s best friend and will explore more in the full length documentary. From Shih Tzus to Saint Bernards, this video will make you look at your pup in a new light. Or if you don’t have/like dogs, just enjoy the smooth talking British narrator.