Your Childhood “View-Master” Just Got A Huge Upgrade

Who needs slides when you can have virtual reality?
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Viewmaster
  • Remember this guy? Remember the joy of getting a new pack of slides, and spending hours flipping through the same images? Well, the “View-Master” you grew up with has grown up itself.

  • The View-Master still uses “slide packs” but the packs just come with a code, that you put in your smartphone. Then, your smartphone goes into the View-Master and you get a virtual reality experience.

    This is an awesome way to experience VR, because while it’s a pretty basic setup – it also only costs $30! Just like the old View-Master, you can pick up different packs to look at. So instead of experiencing an African safari or a trip in space, via still images – you can see them in a completely new way.

    Man, kids today are going to get to look back on crazy cool childhood gadgets when they’re older!