All-Male “Fox & Friends” Panel Joins the “Leggings Ain’t Pants” Debate

This matter couldn't be settled until the dude from "Duck Dynasty" weighed in.
By Christine Linnell
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    Remember that awesome sassy Southern lady who explained why leggings ain’t pants? (“Lawd Jeezus. White leggins? Them’s a big ol’ no-no.”) Well, you may agree or disagree with her, but this all-male panel on “Fox & Friends” has decided to lay down the law on this matter once and for all.

    In a staggering display of mansplaining and borderline creepiness, host Steve Doocy asked an “esteemed panel of fathers,” including the freaking “Duck Dynasty” guy, whether they would allow the women and girls in their lives to wear leggings in public.

    For the record, Willie Robertson is totally cool with it if they’re covering their “lady parts,” legal analyst Arthur Aidala has a rule that “if it’s not worn in the monastery it’s not worn out on the street,” and guest Andrew Sansone’s daughters are still babies so he doesn’t really have an opinion. (Good thing he’s on the panel!)

    They then bring out a young, attractive woman in various outfits involving leggings, and spend several minutes scrutinizing her legs and butt and debating whether the outfit strikes the right balance between “sexy enough for me to stare at” and “not so skanky that my wife will get mad at me.”

    Really, though, they should have brought out one of the men’s teenaged daughters for this part. That way, “Fox & Friends” could have shamed the girl properly AND demonstrated how these men are happy to leer at girls in tight clothes but don’t like it when other men stare at their daughters.