Toddler Wants To Be in Time Out, Immediately Hates Time Out

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    If you don’t have kids and wonder what the joy of parenthood must be like, take a look at this toddler who found a really creative way to be angry at his dad.

    The grumpy two-year-old demanded “I wanna be in time out!” which seemed like a sensible idea, so his dad said “Okay, you’re in time out” – and the kid immediately started throwing a fit because he was in time out.

    “Are you mad because you’re in time out?” the amused and exasperated father asked. “Okay, you’re not in time out.”

    “I WANT to be in time out,” the kid answered.

    It went back and forth like this for a while, until eventually the kid was just screaming “NO!” at every question. “Okay,” the dad sighed. “Two-year-olds are AWESOME.”

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