Lady Orders Table, Receives 40 Bags of Tropical Fish

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    UK resident Becky Smith ordered a table on eBay that cost £185. When the delivery came, it was instead 40 bags containing 150 live tropical fish.

    I mean, it’s an easy mistake.


    The bizarrely funny incident was documented by Becky’s friend Jacqueline Johnson and posted to her Facebook page. Since yesterday, it’s been viewed over 4 million times.


    The fish were returned safely, so viewers are free to complain about how Becky and Jacqueline used bad language in front of their small children, including “fuck,” “piss” and “cunt.” Jacqueline Johnson has responded to criticism in the comments, telling people to shove their comments “where the sun don’t shine” and that she teachers her child “to do as I say not as I do or others do!”


    To be entirely fair, you can hear the little girl say “fucking fish” about 40 seconds in.

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