Tickle Me Elmo Gets Melted by Jet Engine

We know those toys can be annoying but SWEET HOLY CRAP, DUDE.
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    This is legitimately disturbing me for some reason.

    PowerModz has launched a new series called “Jet This!” in which they find out what happens when you put various stuff behind a jet engine. Their first victim: Tickle Me Elmo.

    You’d think this would be hilarious and satisfying, especially if you have kids who won’t stop making the stupid toy say stupid stuff – but there’s something really unsettling about the intense, eager way the host ties Elmo to a post with wire. “Yeah, you LIKE that, don’t you?” he actually says as he twists the wire tight around the toy’s neck.

    It only gets worse when he goes outside, puts an ENTIRE SKINNED ANIMAL WITH LEGS STILL ATTACHED on his head and calls it a hat. “It’s cold out today, boys and girls!”

    By the time Tickle Me Elmo’s fuzzy skin got melted off by the jet engine, I was sitting back in my chair, covering my mouth with my hand in horror. What the fuck.