Actor, comedian and writer Beth Hoyt grew up in Manitowoc, site of the Steven Avery trial.
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    I grew up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Which, for the decade and a half that I’ve been out, hasn’t mattered to anyone. Now, because of the Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” it’s a legend.

    A totally shitty legend.

    Now I live in Los Angeles, where I’m an actor, comedian and writer. I’m super pissed that my hometown is on the map NOT because of me. Just kidding! But I think I do have to set my pilot in a new town, unless I make Avery easter eggs in every episode…

    I watched the show, of course, and I found it really compelling. I remember when Steven Avery was all over the news for the trial of Teresa Halbach’s murder. Sadly, I don’t remember it being a trial about whether or not he did it, just kind of a play-by-play on the road to his conviction.

    So that’s why everyone in Manitowoc should watch “Making A Murderer” — to see the trial through the eyes of Steven Avery being presumed innocent.

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  • That said, I have read a lot of the articles about what was missing or left out from the show. Have you? Also there’s Jodi’s recent confession to Nancy Grace that Avery is not innocent. But can we believe JODI?!

    I obviously have no idea what the real story is. But I did go to Beersten’s about once a month for thirteen years. I have been in the Manitowoc courthouse and the jail on some weird girl scout or middle school field trip. My friend’s parents have stories about the Avery’s.

    If this doesn’t qualify me to add my opinion to the pile, then my Wisconsin accent and spot-on Barb Tadych impression surely does. I’ve just got to play Barb.

  • Beth has appeared on shows like “Brooklyn 99,” “Inside Amy Schumer” and “High Maintenance.” Follow her on Twitter @thebethoyt and on Instagram @bethinshow.