4 Reasons We’re Glad Trump Wasn’t at Tonight’s GOP Debate

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  • Tonight’s GOP debate was mercifully Trump-less this evening, and for the first time we have Megyn Kelly to thank!

    Trump refused to be a part of tonight’s debate because he didn’t want FOX Anchor Megyn Kelly to be on the moderating panel, and he argued this up until and even into tonight’s event.

    In lieu of actually taking part of the political process, Trump set up his own crazy impromtu fundraiser for American veterans (by the way it’s not crazy to fundraise for veterans, its crazy to use a fundraiser for veterans in order to compete with a presidential debate).

    We’re just really glad the guy didn’t show up and here’s why:

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  • 1.) Because now we can hear from the candidates about themselves, rather than hearing about how much better than are than Donald Trump:

    Don’t get me wrong, the candidates did spend a lot of time talking about Trump, and they spent just as much time comparing themselves to Hillary Clinton as well. Rubio and Cruz also clashed with each other, with Rubio directly calling Cruz a liar to his face. Apart from the sharp tongues of the evening, we finally got a look at the candidates real views, and stances on important issues without the night being clouded by what would have been tantamount to a political pissing contest between them and the former reality show star.

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  • 2.) We didn’t have to listen to yet another sexist/classist/racist/dumb thing he was planning to say.

    We wish I could say I was joking about all of these things, but really Trump really does say the absolute worst things possible for a presidential candidate to say and yet somehow people still take him seriously. We’re ecstatic that half of the debate time wasn’t spent correcting whatever dribble was about to come out of this man’s mouth. Like how Mexicans are “rapists. And, some, I assume are good people.”


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  • 3.) We don’t have to watch hundreds of clips of all the dumb things he would have said.

    Media coverage of Trump’s competing fundraiser has been minimal at best, but we’re glad to see that when given the choice most outlets chose to cover the debate. Equally Trump didn’t have a platform that would tie up the resources of political fact checkers, nor is he wasting any more air time than he has in the past. Granted there are places where you can read about the absurdity of the fundraiser, which was partially spent criticizing Megyn Kelly. That’s a super important thing to talk about Trump.

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  • 4.) Our social media is going to remain relatively intact tomorrow.

    If you’re friends with anyone that follows politics, you know what happens to your social media feed after a night of Trump-isms. Quotes, memes, debates sparked on Facebook walls, tomorrow we will be dealing with none of these things. The only thing we could be unhappy about is not finding out which friends to remove because they support Trump.

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