This original series from What’s Trending Fem puts sexist YouTube commenters on blast.
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  • An astounding one-third of women in the US have been sexually harassed online, and its time to take a stand. And what better way to start than mocking harassers on the internet?

    “Creep Shaming with Nadia G” is our new feminist comedy web series where online celebrities share the nastiest messages they’ve received and call out their harassers. Hosted by the notorious TV personality Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchen fame, this “Mean Tweets”-style series is a virtual tar and feathering that will have creeps everywhere running for cover… or at least thinking twice before hitting that “send” button.

    “Women are often told to ‘ignore the trolls,’ but nothing is ever resolved by polite silence,” says Nadia. “Too many men feel like internet is some magical place where you can harass women without consequences. ‘Creep Shaming’ is all about holding these twits accountable for their actions and having a laugh while doing it.”

    Just in time for International Women’s Day, we’re premiering with comedian and YouTuber Gaby Dunn, reading the grossest things men have ever said to her in the comments – and there are some notable contenders to choose from.

    Who will win the coveted “Golden Douchebag Award”? Watch to find out! New episodes come out every Tuesday.