Chescaleigh Rips Into Twitter Over Nude Pics

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  • Franchesca Ramsey aka Chescaleigh has been on a roll lately, scoring a new gig on Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” – and her latest segment of “#HashItOut” demonstrated why she’s such a valuable addition to the show.

    Ramsey provided some welcome perspective on the internet freakout over Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies on Instagram and Twitter, and particularly the people who claim that Kim shouldn’t display her body now that she’s a wife and mother.

    “That’s not how she should carry herself as a wife?” Ramsey said. “She’s married to Kanye West! I mean, this is a dude who has lyrics about not wanting to get asshole bleach on his tee shirt. He’s not exactly [“Family Matters” star] Reginald VelJohnson.”

    “Sorry,” she added, “ever since we found out that other guy was a serial rapist, Reginald’s now the go-to TV dad.”

    She also pointed out that these are the same people who think that sportscaster Erin Andrews didn’t deserve to win a $55 million civil lawsuit after she was secretly recorded naked in a hotel by a stalker and had images of her body shared to millions of people. (“Can someone look through my hotel room peephole please?” one commenter said.)

    “Is anyone else confused here?” demanded Ramsey. “On the one hand, Kim Kardashian’s voluntarily-shared mom bod is sacred and needs protecting, and on the other hand, Erin Andrews’ just-chilling-in-my-hotel-minding-my-own-business bod is fine for public consumption.”

    She didn’t hold anything back as she headed into her crowd-pleasing conclusion.

    “Let me spell this out for you, okay? Women are allowed to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies, and no-one gets to decide otherwise. And no-one has the right to your body, no matter who you are, unless you give them permission – and that applies in person and on screen. So happy Women’s History Month, you sick hypocritical perverts!”

    In her usual style, Chescaleigh is continuing the conversation on Twitter, including points about rape culture and the double standard between white women’s bodies and black women’s bodies.

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