Man Pours Molten Copper Over Big Mac

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  • The YouTuber who, last we checked, was destroying a Christmas snowglobe with molten copper is back at it again with another viral hit – pouring molten copper over a Big Mac.

    There’s really nothing Tito4re won’t pour molten copper over, really. Tennis balls, coconuts, jawbreakers, Air Jordans, you name it. No live animals though, thank goodness.

    Today, his latest victim was a Big Mac, and the results are … a little surprising. The bun gets charred and catches on fire a little, but the burger patty doesn’t look affected by the 1,984-degree liquid metal at all.

    Before you see this as proof that Big Macs are packed so full of chemicals that they aren’t really food, there is a scientific phenomenon called the Leidenfrost effect, where the moisture in the burger protects it for a few seconds before it starts to burn.

    See, we learned something!

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