Check Out Emma Watson Beatboxing for Lin-Manuel Miranda

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  • Proving ladies are just as good as gents at dropping beats, or maybe just that Emma Watson is a darn quick learner and good sport, the Harry Potter star tried out a new talent as she accompanied Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda in a Gender Equality freestyle rap. You read that right.

    The the actress and Goodwill Ambassador teamed up with the recent Grammy winner to promote HeForShe, the UN gender-equality organization. And while she was admittedly a bit nervous to try dropping a beat, she fully committed and the end result was pretty great!

    We loved that Miranda didn’t skip a beat (pun intended) when asked if he was a feminist and answered with “Yeah, absolutely.” (Note: a feminist is defined as someone who thinks women are equal to men. Full stop. Any other meaning is twisted spin.)

    The duo went on to sort various members of the Hamilton cast/American history into Hogwarts houses, causing fans to faint in front of computer screens everywhere. Now this isn’t Miranda’s only impressive freestyle example of late, just a few days prior he rapped – with the President, no less. This guy has a lot of experience embodying a previous Commander in Chief, is clearly good at communicating with the masses and has charisma in spades. Is it too late to get him on the 2016 ballot?

    Let’s see what you all are saying about this team up:

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