Check Out This Bridge Imploding in Slow Motion!

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  • What better way to start your week than by watching stuff get blowed up real good?

    Also, yay for repairing our national infrastructure or whatever.

    Last year in Oklahoma, the old US-377/SH-99 bridge over the Washita River was damaged by a flood and needed to be replaced — and that meant the damaged structure need to be destroyed with 600 pounds of explosives.

    Naturally, this was the perfect opportunity to set up a GoPro camera and film the whole thing in satisfying slow motion.

    Apparently this demolition was long overdue, according to local news:

    The original Washita River Bridge was built in 1943, and wasn’t scheduled for a rebuild until 2018.

    After historic spring flooding earlier this year damaged the bridge beyond repair, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation was forced to build the new bridge sooner.

    Shannon Hodges drives to Tishomingo from Kingston for work and tells me the older bridge reminded her of Jenga© blocks.

    “And it’s not really very safe so it’s probably good that the flood came along to wash it all out and force the state to have to fix it,” Hodges said.

    So Oklahoma gets a new sturdy bridge, and the internet gets this badass demolition video. It’s a win/win.

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