There Sure Were a Lot of Dick Jokes at the MTV Movie Awards

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  • You know, when we said we wanted women to be treated equally to men at awards shows, that didn’t mean we wanted men to be objectified more.

    At least not like this, anyway.

    At the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend, we couldn’t help but notice that there were plenty of uncomfortable dick jokes to go around. First there was that moment when The Rock and Kevin Hart presented an award dressed like Superman and Batman. The Rock’s skintight costume left little to the imagination, prompting Buzzfeed to declare “The Rock Dressed Up As Superman And We Need To Talk About His Bulge.”

    You know something’s legit when Buzzfeed says we need to talk about it.

    But it didn’t stop there — we also had #DickInCake, featuring a picture of a young Kevin Hart appearing to stick his junk in a cake, which trended on social media mainly because Kevin Hart asked people to make it trend.

    And who could forget Alexander Skarsgaard presenting an award with Samuel L. Jackson, dressed in a tux, without pants. Because when we want to ogle an attractive man, we want to be reminded of Porky Pig.

    There may be some merit in all these guys making fun of themselves and mocking awards shows in general, but after a while it starts to get weird.

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