Happy 4/20
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    What are these, you ask? These are two new versions of the McDonald’s Big Mac, being introduced in central Ohio and Dallas this month.

    The Grand Mac features two 1/6-lb patties (instead of the standard two 1/10 lb patties) and a larger bun. It has 890 calories, dwarfing the original Big Mac’s 540.

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    The Mac Jr. is just like a Big Mac except it has only one patty. It’s got 480 calories.

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    Based on calorie counts, it seems that the Grand Mac is more grand than the Mac Jr is junior.

    Of course, as far as new fast food menu items go, these additions really pale in comparison to the rest of the industry. If you’re Taco Bell or KFC, it’s Giant Fried Cheese Death Ball or GTFO.

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