Outpouring of Love & Support Following Orlando Attack

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  • After the brutal attack in Orlando that claimed the lives of 49 people and one monster, people all around the world have opened their hearts to show their love and support for the victims and their families. (If you’re still looking for a way to support the victims, our post on the topic includes a number of donation links.)

    Local organizations have started two official GoFundMe pages, one from the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida here, which is focused on providing support for the community affected by the shooting and which has raised over $250,000 as of this writing, and one from Equality Florida here, which is focused on supporting the victims’ families and which has raised nearly $2.5 million.

    Landmarks from around the world have lit up with colors of the Pride Flag, including the Eiffel Tower, 1 World Trade Center, the Toronto sign, Tel Aviv City Hall, and the Space Needle. Twitter has dedicated an official page to global sites commemorating the loss of life in Orlando.

    For more, see our opinion piece in response to the shooting, and follow @WhatsTrending on Twitter for future updates.


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